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Dawlance 9178 Chrome LF

 10,590 24,500 ایڈوانس

  • Hybrid Cooling Technology
  • Low Voltage Technology
  • 30% faster Cooling
  • A+ Energy Rating
  • Optimized Door Pockets
  • Widest and Deepest body
  • 12 years warranty
  • 1 year extended warranty

Get the Dawlance 9178 Chrome LF on easy installments only with Qist Bazaar.

Plan 1
 24,500 ایڈوانس
  • Advance Rs. 24500
  • Monthly Rs. 9420 x 6
Plan 2
 21,400 ایڈوانس
  • Advance Rs. 21400
  • Monthly Rs. 5985 x 12
Plan 3
 16,050 ایڈوانس
  • Advance Rs. 16050
  • Monthly Rs. 6720 x 12
Plan 4
 10,590 ایڈوانس
  • Advance Rs. 10590
  • Monthly Rs. 7475 x 12

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13 CFT

Refrigerator Top Mount Refrigerator
Refrigerator Freezer Type Deep Frost
Shop By Brands Dawlance
Shop By Cubic Feet 13 CFT

5 Way Evaporator & 30% Faster Cooling

5-way evaporator ensures optimised cooling in freezer compartment ensuring more effective cooling while 30% faster cooling ensures less electricity wastage and more cooling hours.

Optimised Fan with Deodorising Filter

Optimised fan with our state-of-the-art deodorising filter cleans the air by removing unpleasant odours and keeps the food fresh

– Ensures optimum cooling in the refrigerator compartment
– Removes unpleasant smell
– Provides Fresh Air
– Maintains Ideal Humidity.

Side Illumination LED

The long white bright LED bar on the side wall of the refrigerator illuminates every shelf separately & provides more efficient & homogeneous lighting of the fresh food zone.
– More efficient lighting
– Homogeneous lighting on all shelves
– Never-seen-before long LED bar
– Modernised & durable

Low Voltage Technology

This new refrigerator works at low voltage and needs no stabiliser.

A+ Energy Rating

The new refrigerators offer A+ standard energy rating consumes lowest energy at 220 volts

Optimised Door Pockets

Specially designed compartments for large water bottles, medicines & cosmetics ensuring convenient & organised storage.
– Optimum utilisation of Door space
– Labelled racks for better organisation & reachability
– Easy-to-reach Bottle shelf
– Durable & Stylish


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