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Qist Bazaar is here to serve the underserved.


Founded in 2021, QistBazaar is an e-commerce platform committed to uplifting the living standard of a common Pakistani by making products easily accessible at affordable monthly installments. With the mission of aiding social mobility and financial inclusion, we have uplifted the lives of 17,000+ individuals so far by making our eligibility criteria simple: Every Pakistani.

High quality Products

Easy Monthly Installments

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What we do?

We sell high quality products but make them accessible for everyone by giving easy long and short term installments. Some of our products also allow the common man of Karachi to earn a living and our laptops are helping students stay connected with the advancements of the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be present in every household of Pakistan and allow people to live the life they want by providing them with financial inclusion.

Our History

With a database of over 300,000 satisfied customers, we understand the needs of a common man and that makes us fit to help them in the best possible way.