About Us

Qist Bazaar is an online platform with everything from Mobile Phones to a curling iron available at affordable monthly payments.

Qist Bazaar serves everyone, from those with little to no formal financial history to those banking at established institutions. With over 30 years of historic data, spanning across 250,000+ individuals, Qist Bazaar has revolutionized the scoring process for instalment based purchases. Our eligibility criteria is simple; ‘ ‘Every Pakistani ‘

Products on Qist Bazaar include a wide variety of Bikes, Mobile Phones, LED Tv’s, Laptops, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators and other Kitchen Appliances with more categories being added every single day.

Excellent Quality

Buy in Installments

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What we do?

We sell high quality products but make them accessible for everyone by giving easy long and short term installments. Some of our products also allow the common man of Karachi to earn a living and our laptops are helping students stay connected with the advancements of the world.

Our Mission

We plan on being present in every household of Pakistan and allow people to live the life they want too without being burdened with the growing inflation. Regardless of age, caste, ethnicity, social status, everyone and anyone should be able to buy from us.

Our History

We have been providing products on installments since the last 20 years and have a database of over 250000 satisfied customers. We understand the needs of the everyday person and that makes us fit to help them in the best possible way.